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Version date: 1st June 2019

The web site provides information about the products offered by the company, as well as a possibility to order them online. In order to use the online store, you have to register as a user and fill in the required details.
The ordering terms and delivery prices are specified on the web site and are a question of the customer's personal choice.

The present General Terms provide information and contain the rules for operation and using the resources of the site. Every user agrees to comply with them, understands and agrees that we can change them anytime without prior notice.


The materials and services on the site are limited only to the specified terms for them without providing any guarantees, including commercial or specific. The obligations of Aversis Ltd. with respect to the products and services offered on this site are governed by the respective agreements with the importers and/or distributors of the presented products. In addition, Aversis Ltd. does not give any guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of the published materials, software or services of this site.

Aversis Ltd. has the right to make changes in the published materials, services and prices anytime and without prior notice. Some of the published materials may be outdated and the site does not assume the obligation to update them. Part of the information published on this site may refer to products, services or software which are not offered and/or accessible at the moment. For more information regarding the available products, contact us using the provided details or the feedback services provided on the site.

Aversis Ltd., its suppliers or any third parties shall not be liable in any way or under any circumstances for any damages, including but not limited to missed benefits, information loss or other damages resulting from the use or inability to use the site or from any results from using the site.

In the event that as a result of using this site or any materials from it you suffer damages requiring repairs, service work or fixing, equipment or information, the user assumes the entire responsibility and all expenses associated with correcting the damages.


An order for a particular product may be placed after confirmed user registration. The act constitutes a declaration of intent which binds the customer and Aversis Ltd. with the power of a contract within the meaning of the Oblations and Contracts Act, in compliance with the Terms of Use described in the present document and the rules of the Customer Rights Protection and Trade Rules Act.

The statement of incorrect information makes the order invalid and it does not bind Aversis Ltd. with the obligation to perform the delivery.
  • orders may be placed for items which are in the current product range of the company, which have been allowed for ordering through the site / software by means of the activated option for adding them to the order, and which are available in the central storage
  • after the order is received, a validity check is performed of the information provided upon registration and of the delivery address, as well as a confirmation of the technical parameters
  • upon placing the order, the customer must specify the way in which he/she likes to be contacted, otherwise after accepting the order he/she will receive a confirmation email


The payment options are:

  • by bank transfer
  • with bank cards registered in ePay.bg
  • upon delivery by a courier (paying the courier upon delivery of the order)


  • delivery of the ordered products will be made after specifying the way of payment
  • if payment by bank transfer is chosen, the delivery will be made within 3 business days after confirmation of the payment
  • in case of payment upon delivery by a courier, the fee is at the expense of the customer
  • depending on the formed price, there is a possibility for the delivery to be free of charge
  • the most current information about the price and the delivery terms you can find on the web site just before confirming the order
  • the customer assumes the obligation to ensure access and possibility to receive the goods


If the customer fails to ensure access for delivery of the goods to the specified address and fails to comply with the delivery terms, Aversis Ltd. shall be relieved from the obligation to fulfill the order and delivery.

Aversis Ltd. shall not be liable if certain products become out of stock, especially in cases of single units. If the product is out of stock, the customer shall be given an option to wait for a new delivery or shall receive an offer for alternative items. If the desired item cannot be provided, the customer will be notified by e-mail.


Regardless whether the manufacturer has provided a warranty, you shall be able to make a return in the following cases:

  • established missing items in the package after examination at the time and place of receiving the delivery
  • visible transport defects after examination at the time and place of receiving the delivery
  • apparent non-correspondence of the ordered item's model after examination at the time and place of receiving the delivery
  • apparent non-correspondence of the trademark after examination at the time and place of receiving the delivery

Returns based on the above listed points shall be accepted only at the time of delivery.

After paying for and receiving the products you can return them and demand your money back in the following cases:
  • if during use it turns out that the product has a significant defect and/or problems which could not have been established during an ordinary examination
  • if there is a non-correspondence of the model shown on the factory package at that of the unpackaged product

Within 24 hours after receiving the goods, in the cases described in the two items above, you have the right to demand your money back and return the purchased product.


Except in the above listed cases the customer may not refuse to receive and pay for the goods ordered by him/her. If there is a refusal to receive the goods, a protocol is drafted at the time of delivery. If the customer refuses to sign the protocol, it shall be assumed that his/her refusal to receive the goods is unsubstantiated and he/she shall owe payment of the expenses for the delivery of the goods and for their returning.


If the customer is not found at the specified address within the time for making the delivery or if no access is provided for delivering the goods within the specified timeframe, the order shall be regarded as invalid and Aversis Ltd. shall be relieved from the obligation to make the delivery.

If the customer confirms his/her desire to receive the order and after he/she has not been found at the specified address, he/she shall cover the expenses for the new delivery.

The transport expenses shall be paid upon receiving the goods.

If a third party agrees to receive the order on behalf of the original customer who has placed the order, he/she shall pay the price of the goods and the delivery costs. In such cases it is desirable that the customer provides in advance information about the person to be contacted, as well as to have introduced him/her to the delivery terms.


The users of the site have the right to use its resources freely except for the limitations described in the present General Terms and other generally applicable limitations.

The copyrights for the materials published on the site are owned by Aversis Ltd. and no part of them may be copied, published or quoted without the explicit permission of Aversis Ltd., except in the cases where this is solely for personal use within the meaning of the Copyright Law.

If registered users or guest visitors of the site overload it with fraudulent orders or in any other way, Aversis Ltd. reserves the right to impose restrictions on access to the site by IP addresses, as well as to make claims for damages caused by illegal use.

The users of the site may not perform acts which violate any general communication rules, perform malicious acts, distribute viruses and other products violating or damaging any rights or interests of any third parties.


Aversis Ltd. guarantees full confidentiality of personal information. Only statistical samples and summaries will be used in advertising and promotional campaigns. The personal information of the USER will not be published anywhere explicitly unless he/she has expressly permitted that.

The personal information used by the site will not be sold, transmitted or shared in any way with any third parties and is entirely in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the entire Bulgarian legislation.



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